Monday, June 30, 2008

Loveland Lake to Lake

After some encouraging words from StevieP, I headed to the swim start and we were off!  But wait, oh crap, it felt like my timing chip was loose and about to come off - how did that happen?  Well OK then, no kicking.  Gulp, gag, almost lose it......yuck I hate taking in water.....why is this person swimming the wrong way and why do I have to stop and let him go?........ewwwww lake stuff in my face......but wait there's the finish yea!!!!    Out of the water and on my way to transition I looked at my watch and saw a 22 something time, very nice - I'll take it.  Mat time:  23:41. 

T1:  Transition was uneventful and guess what, there was nothing wrong with my timing chip......nothing like mind games in the swim.  55 seconds.  

OK, I really need to learn ow to get on my bike like the cool kids, I am such a nerd.  But, I did manage to pedal away and get my feet in my shoes in a reasonable amount of time.  I love this bike course because it is tough and beautiful and today it was especially tough.  I expected the tiredness in my legs, the achey-ness, the I can't do this feeling.  I just didn't expect it to last the entire ride???!  I just couldn't push any big gears, every time I tried my legs said NO.  So I just kept pedaling, pedaling, pedaling.  Nice thing was, it didn't freak me out and I didn't lose confidence, I just dealt with it and moved on.  On the way back in town, a woman from my age group passed me and I kept my eye on her - I found my bogie for the run!!  I got caught up in a big group that were taking up the entire road and drafting and I couldn't get around GRRRRR.  Back to transition, I slipped my feet out of my shoes, pedaled in, got off my bike (once again, totally need to learn the cool version of dismounting), and into T2.  Bike time:  1:30  (30 miles)

T2:  Shoes went on, grabbed my number, visor and a goo just in case and off to the run!

Before the race, I made a couple of bets with Steve one of which was to break 49 in the run.  It seemed pretty aggressive since the fastest I have a run a 10k was 48:40 without swimming and biking before.  After the legs situation on the bike I just figured I was buying Steve a beer and settled m mind to concentrate on my form and finishing strong.  I heard Priscilla on my way out (THANK YOU!!!) and started to run.  Hmmmm, legs OK.  Hmmmm, heart rate OK.   Hmmmm, mile 1 good to go!!! Things were off to a good start.  The best part of the run was seeing Steve, Ed, Neil, Sonja, and Tyler before the turnaround and they all looked GREAT!  My bogie from the bike also kept getting closer and right before the turnaround I pulled up on her shoulder to see how she was doing and if she'd put up a fight (yes, I learned my lesson from the sprint).  She was breathing HARD and didn't sound too strong so I went ahead and passed her and didn't look back.  The miles just kind of kept passing and before I knew it I was back at the last aid station gearing up for the last mile.  Sonja was around the bend yelling her big heart out at me telling me to pass the girl in front of me.  So I passed the girl, and on the final stretch saw the rest of my AWESOME teammates and gave it my all to the finish line.  As for the bet with Steve?  I lost the first part (which I so thought I had in the bag), but won the run pace bet with a 47:53 - my best 10k evah!  Beer me!

Everyone had a fabulous day and Practical Coaching had an impressive showing on the podium!  And the topper?  2nd place in age group Woo hoo!    

Me & Beth on the "podium"

Sunday, June 29, 2008


I know, it sounds so serious, but I have been having an internal "should I start my own blog" debate now for the last month.  I have been feeling kind of guilty since I read so many other blogs - very voyeuristic - and it seems only fair that I return the favor.  So, I  guess the YES side won and here it is.  I will give up my paper journal, maybe save a tree, and see what happens.  

Just to be clear, Life in the Big Ring is not a reference to my crazed circus life but the big chain ring on my bike.  You see, every once in awhile Coach S. gives me a workout that says "big ring" which really just stands for ridiculously hard but ends up being a great workout and accomplishment.  Oh, and I usually end up learning something about myself as well.  Hmmm.....