Sunday, June 29, 2008


I know, it sounds so serious, but I have been having an internal "should I start my own blog" debate now for the last month.  I have been feeling kind of guilty since I read so many other blogs - very voyeuristic - and it seems only fair that I return the favor.  So, I  guess the YES side won and here it is.  I will give up my paper journal, maybe save a tree, and see what happens.  

Just to be clear, Life in the Big Ring is not a reference to my crazed circus life but the big chain ring on my bike.  You see, every once in awhile Coach S. gives me a workout that says "big ring" which really just stands for ridiculously hard but ends up being a great workout and accomplishment.  Oh, and I usually end up learning something about myself as well.  Hmmm.....

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