Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Training Update

Man, have I been missing my peeps something fierce lately.  Tuesday track is when we all gather and warmup and go over all our crazy workouts or race reports or whatever else that is going on and I missed last Tuesday.  I also missed Saturday morning at the Pond due to babysitting issues.  So when I got the call (OK I called him) from StevieP Coach Extraordinaire to join a small group for a HARD ride up High Grade Sunday morning I practically pee'd myself I was so excited!  Or maybe just scared because the group I would be joining is TOUGH:  Sonja (PIC), Steve, and Anthony in a pace line.  Up High Grade.  YIKES!  But I was in and I knew I had my work cut out for me.  

My goal was to stick with the group and not fall off the back.  All I had to do was hang on for dear life until the cut-off to City View, they were going on to do the Shadow loop.  Sonja started out the pace line at a great pace after the turn-off, then my turn to pull.  Oops, I was a bit excited and eager to "prove" myself and pulled out a bit too hard.  Steve reminded me to not shoot ahead on my pull, and we spent about a minute each in the front although I think Anthony was taking longer pulls....fine by me!  We got to the switchbacks and it got pretty intense.  But, I really liked the "pull" factor.  Plus, I was concentrating so hard on sticking to Son like glue that it seemed to go by fairly fast.  Before I knew it, we were at the top and I was making the turn.  I could've taken it easy at this point but I kept going hard and actually missed the pace line.  Up the switchbacks, breathing so hard I'm sure the people I passed thought I was going to pass out, and then ZOOM on the downhills (building confidence).  On Turkey Creek Road, I made the turn and immediately swooshed by some other riders (men) who clearly didn't appreciate being spanked by a lone women (gasp, the horror!), so they caught me and I got on a wheel and enjoyed the ride.  Then hard up the backside of Deer Creek (spanked the boys again hehe) and stopped for a breather at the top.  Whew and what a great ride:)  

A nice long swim on Monday with not one, but TWO main sets!  Whoa that takes me back to serious swimming days.  And then track on Tuesday.  I could not WAIT to get to track and see my peeps again!  Warming up the Sonja, Tyler, Steve, and the rest of the crew was the highlight.  Well.  OK, the best part???  Having Sonja pace me on the last 300 of the last 1000 of the set.  Holy fastness Batman, she helped me kick it in high gear and went from :51 200s to a :47 and then the last one, ready for this???  :44!  Yee Haw and a big Boo Yah!  Thanks PIC, way too cool to run shoulder to shoulder with you.  Absolutely loved that.  After, of course, I got my breath back and stopped seeing stars.  

Second best part:  Schedules are out for August.....17 days until Pikes Peak......7 weeks until Nationals!

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gosonja said...

You stormed the stinkin' castle that day. Awesome to hear that you made the turn to Citi View and kept laying it down. You have had a great week! 7 weeks until Nationals? Oh My. 7 weeks to SUPER-FUN!