Monday, August 25, 2008


Where are you?  Yes, George as in Clooney is in town and I have been looking for him.  Well, OK, I didn't actually leave my building today but I thought about trying to stalk him.  

Ah yes, the DNC is in town.  Downtown has been completely transformed:  the Pepsi Center is completely fenced in and sports a tent city in the parking lots, policemen EVERYWHERE, protesters EVERYWHERE, reporters EVERYWHERE, politicians EVERYWHERE.  The entire city looks as though it has received a face lift.  And to make matters worse (I can neither confirm nor deny any/all political affiliations although if traffic really hoses up my schedule my vote could be swayed...), Mr. Obama is staying at the hotel connected to my building.  I actually had an interaction with a Secret Service agent in my parking garage this morning.  Of course, he was only interested in my trunk.....of my car!!!  Yes, bomb squad was on full alert and my rental vehicle (grrrrr) was searched and sniffed by the cute bomb-sniffing dog.  I was cleared to park and go to work.  So far, so good, clearly the Denver media has scared the crap out of the locals and traffic was a no-brainer this morning.  It is only Monday though.

Oh yeah, the car?  I realize it has been less than two weeks since I picked up the Audi from the last service appointment $$$ but yet another light started flashing $$$ and had to go back again today.  Oh, the pain factor $$$ on this is almost unbearable and almost more than the prospect of a new or slightly used vehicle $$$.  Blech, I really don't want to deal with buying right now primarily due to the $$$ factor but also because I will now have to face the harsh reality about what is really a functional vehicle for me.  A sporty, speedy sedan??  Maybe.  A functional, way less sexy small SUV (gasp), or wagon-type vehicle (double gasp)?  Probably.  2 kids to think about, a dog, various training implements including Princess, the wonder bike, to transport around.  I can say, however, that I will not be seduced by the mini-van.  No matter how sensible and practical it may be.  No way.  (really tempted to say never here, but we know what happens when I say NEVER!!)

OK, one final thought......lots of fun weather around here this weekend.  Around my house, it is now known as the "tomato warning"!!!

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gosonja said...

Mmmm george, he's tasty. Several more days and all the madness is over!