Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mother Nature

Is not playing well with others right now.  Well, just those of us maybe not quite in our "right" minds that will be running up a certain 14'er on Saturday.  Yep, it's going to rain.  Yep, it'll probably snow above 10,000 feet on Friday night.  And maybe even continue this unacceptable behavior all day Saturday.  Start time temperature forecast?  A balmy 45 - 50 degrees.  And this, after the last month of 90+ degree temps.  Ms. Mother Nature is really not playing nice.  

And, all I can say right now is BRING IT.  I have had a date with this mountain since April and whatever Mother Nature throws at us runners on Saturday will not stop the date.  Unless, of course, the race organizers think otherwise.  

I won't have my best running clothes on for this date.  Nope.  There will be hats, gloves, tights, rain jackets, maybe even trash bags.  I may not be my usual charming self (hahaha) because snow in August makes me cranky.  But, I will be there.  Ready to go at 7:30.  With whatever Ms. Nature has in mind.  Yee Haw!

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gosonja said...

Good Luck Michelle. I am thinking good thoughts and praying that there is NO LIGHTENING. Let me know how it goes!