Sunday, September 7, 2008

IT Happened

Ha, finally, IT happened!  I was out on my 1.5 hour TT ride, in fact, I was in the last 2 miles on my way to transition to a fast but not hard (????) run when I felt it.  Thump thump thump.....uh oh.  Pretty much knew in an instant what was going on.  Pulled over and took a look and yep, I flatted.  

Now here's the deal (which you probably don't know), I have really never changed a tire.  It's true.  Of course, I have flatted before.  But there have always been rescue people there to either take over or help (yes WSM I'm referring to the Elephant Rock flat).  I am not proud of this.  In fact, I am quite embarrassed.  But hey, it's out there now.  Which is why, when I flatted, I actually smiled.  Good, let's nip this in the bud.  But, of course, I made the rescue call to Michael!!  He answered on the first ring because he knew I was riding and said "What's wrong?".  You see, the last time I made the ride phone call, I was driving myself to the ER.  So I told him and asked if he could come help me.  

In the meantime, I walked my bike to a grassy area and decided to get down to business.  Got the rear tire off.  Got some tools, CO2 cartridges, and a tube out of my back pouch.  Huh.  OK.  I have watched many people change a tire and with a bit of finagling I got one side of the tire out of the rim.  OK, cool I'm on a roll!  I get the other side out.  I break out the tube and the CO2 cartridge.  Now this looked tricky......but I somehow figured that out.  Then Michael showed up, Look Honey - I'm doing it!!!  I'm changing my own tire!!!  So, I can pretty much say that I did the whole thing by myself.  So there you have it.  I did it.  And yes, it took 2 CO2 cartridges, like I said those things are tricky!  You can make fun of me if you want but I am pretty tickled about this!!  Mind you it took me 15 minutes. I.DID.IT!!  

Now back to that "fast but not hard" part of the workout.  Those were the instructions for the run.  Hmmmm.  Seems like an oxymoron to me.  Isn't fast hard?  But sometimes hard is not fast.  Huh.  So I started out up a hill.  Phew, didn't feel fast but then I saw my first mile split come up.  Well OK it was fast.  But was it hard?  I was still contemplating this going into my hilly mile 2 and 3 and pushing the uphills.  Oh, now I think I get it.  Maybe hard means not getting my heart rate to 167 trying to keep the pace on an uphill??!!!  DUH.  Oops, too late.  Mile 4 I was unable to get the heart rate back down, I was hot and tired.  But, probably a good reminder of transitioning to my run after riding.  Don't take it out too many times do I have to learn this miserable lesson???

On the countdown to Nationals, a full workout schedule this week and weekend and then ease into a taper.  Although looking at my schedule I am missing where the obvious taper thing is.  But, I know StevieP Coach Extraordinaire has a plan.  And though it may not look or smell like a taper.  I'm sure it is.  

Happy Trails!


gosonja said...

Congratulations on the flat change. Both our firsts were a week apart! Ha!

I agree with the taper thing..."doesn't look like a taper", "doesn't smell like a taper". Where's the taper?

Tyler Walton said...

I remeber many nights thinking that I hope I get a flat before I am racing. I did and it went ok. I know what you mean. Team Where did you Go plus one is ready to move and shake. Game on


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