Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Things I will not miss....

My PIC Sonja wrote a great post about the top 10 things she would NOT miss about this part of the training season.  I was going to leave a comment and then I started thinking about the items that I could add to the list.  And I kept going although mine seem to be overall season comments......  It was way too long to leave a comment on, so read her post, and here are my additions (in no particular order):
1.  No more swamp-ass (Bethie's term) from swimming and immediately transitioning to bike and/or run.
2.  Not smelling like the pond or wondering if the warm spot I just swam through was really warm or if I just swam through someone's pee.....again.
3.  Track calculations:  if we do our 200's on xx then we should be able to do xx and keep our heart rates at xxx.  The math NEVER works out.
4.  Fast but not hard.  Or was that hard but not fast.  Quick but not hard or fast.  Trying to decipher/remember what was on my schedule in the MIDDLE of the workout.  I am clearly not as bright as PIC or maybe I would have tried writing on my arm.  But I'm sure I would have just sweated it off anyways.
5.  The never-ending pile of "wicking" laundry that surprisingly grows no matter how many loads of laundry being done.
6.  When I discover I have no clean workout clothes and trying to find the least offensive smelling item in #5, sniffing it, and thinking Not Bad....
7.  Coming home after a speed workout and eating 3 pieces of pizza.  And popcorn chicken.  And macaroni and cheese.  (Guess who cooked dinner tonight??? ILU Michael)  And eating all this standing up.  Because it was too far to the table to sit down and I needed to eat.  As in NOW.  Oh yeah, and topping it off with a piece of chocolate cake thinking to myself, I could actually eat more.
8.  Avoiding the "what did you do this weekend?" question from my non-tri friends.  I mean, really, do you want to know I swam in butt-cold water, and followed it up with a torture session at the track?  My typical answer, you know not much, a bit of swimming, a little running.  Wait, I do this every weekend.  Nevermind.
9.  I will not miss StevieP Coach Extraordinaire saying to me at the track (as I am gasping for breath, begging for mercy, my heart rate around 310), Can you pick this one up?  AHHHHHH
10.  Feeling like I have been violated by my bike seat while in TT position and hitting a bump in the road.  Ouch.  

Nationals are a mere 5 days away.....leaving for Portland on Thursday!  I am very excited and cannot wait to toe the line Saturday!!!  I will attempt to update my blog on Saturday for anyone who is interested:)

P.S.  Thank you Michael for all of your support!!  It means the world to me.  


Tyler Walton said...

And last but not least, the number one things that I will not miss. The COST. yep its time to slow down and refill the tri fund because it is as empty, tired and worn out just like everything else.
And to end let's just say I cant wait to do it again next year.

gosonja said...

Troy agrees with Tyler.

Troy will NOT miss the laundry as well, and also having me gone for 5 days every month. Troy is excited to take vacation days WITH his wife, not so his wife can race.

Just Troy's 2 cents.