Sunday, September 7, 2008

Yurt Camping

It has been a busy couple of weeks for the Ford Family!  Between our camping trip, Michael's travel, getting my last remaining workouts in before Nationals......there has been no time for any blog posts!  

Labor Day weekend is our annual yurt camping weekend.  We head up to Sylvan Lake State Park outside of Eagle where there are three yurts next to each other.  Michael found this spot 4 years ago and we've been up ever since.  The last couple of years, we've had our neighbors join us so that we can take over all three yurts and have the place to ourselves!  It works out great, we switch cooking duties at each yurt and the girls run wild on the trail connecting them.  

Iz, Ava, and Primo - 2 of the yurts in the background

Sunday was a gorgeous day and I woke up early to get my run in - 7 miles with hard efforts on miles 2, 3, 5 and 6.  It was hilly which I thought was great prep for Nationals except for the fact we were at 9,000 feet.  But it was a great run!  I got back and the mom's started cooking breakfast and Dan started making bloody mary's.  Yee haw not a bad recovery drink!  Mark will now be known as Hot Cakes since that man can make some awesome pancakes on the campfire.  
Everyone (except for me) went on a great hike to the caves after breakfast.... I stayed back with Primo because he didn't look like he was ready for a hike:( He's 1o years old now and his hiking days seem to be behind him.  So we hung out in the sun and read a book.  I can't remember the last time I was able to sit down and read 100+ pages in one sitting, it was so peaceful.   

The girls on a hike

Dan, Mark, and Michael grilling dinner with Charlotte looking on

Breakfast time!

Charlotte at the lake!  It was the only way to get her to nap - car ride.

All in all, it was a great weekend.  We made it back from the mountains in time to head to the pool for the last swim of the summer!  I can't believe summer is over!!!  

Peace out!

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Jennie said...

Great to hear you are enjoying the yurts at Sylvan Lake! The yurts are made by the company I work for, The Colorado Yurt Company. We've been trying to share yurt camping spots with people lately. Do you mind if I link to your yurt camping post on your blog in a press release or enewsletters? Good luck at Nationals!