Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Isabelle

Isabelle at 6 months

And today, the happy b-day girl

Oh my, my first baby is turning 6 today.  Holy Moly.  Once again, I am absolutely stunned at how fast time flies.  Was it really six years ago that Michael and I went to the hospital, watched a movie, watched a Broncos game, watched another movie, pushed for 2+ hours, and along came Isabelle?  

We had a great family "party" for her at Red Robin the other night with Nana and Capa, and Aunt Coli and John, and her friend Adriana.  Tonight, however, was just the four of us.  Isabelle wanted to go the Dusty Boot for macaroni and cheese (of course), and then we got home, opened presents and ate cake!  Yep, it was homemade too.....going for homemaker/mother of the year!!!  Little does she know, she has a FUN weekend ahead of her including a sleepover at Adriana's house and a trip to the Georgetown Railroad Loop. 

But now, it's time for me to finish up packing.  Me and the girlies (Kristin, Katie, Lesa, Lisa, Steph, Laura and Anita) are heading to Mexico to try to locate the bottom of a glass.  Please wish us luck.  HA!  All of us have know each other since around college days and we are all turning the BIG 4-0 this year.  And we determined several months back that the only proper way to celebrate was to drag our asses to the nearest lounge chairs in Mexico.  I don't know if I will have pictures when I get back.  This may be an "undocumented" trip.  

Adios Amigos!

P.S.  Gracias Miguel for-a el trip-0 (my spanish is pretty horrible).  Por favor kiss-o las ninas para mi. Te quiero mucho!

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