Sunday, October 12, 2008


Katie, me, Anita hanging at the pool bar

Laura, Michelle, Lesa, Steph, Anita, Kristin, Katie and Lisa

Lesa and her henna tattoo 

Here are my favorite memories from Girls 40 Weekend!

Crunchy bloody marys
Running "pick-ups" with Lisa
It's noon somewhere
Mayan sacrafice (that didn't happen....Lesa)
Lounge chairs
Getting pushed into the pool
Mudslides (go figure, no margaritas)
Marengue w/ Jose "the same the same the same"
Babysitting Steph (or was it Foster?)
I kissed a girl and I liked it...
Henna tattoos
David and his awesome hands (clean it up people....poolside massage)
We left 5 hours ago and you are still in the same place when we left you (lounge chair on the beach surprise surprise)
Midnight pizza
5am thunder storm
She's a bitch!

Anyway, it was an awesome weekend with my buddies.  It's hard to believe that I have known these amazing women for so long.  Katie, Kristin and I were roomies in college and I met Katie the year before swimming (incredibly talented swimmer).  I met Lisa through Katie and we had a finance class together with a professor that had such a strong accent (the "yell" and the "x" axis) that I'm not sure how we passed because we could barely understand him!  The rest of the ladies I met shortly after college and we have been there for each other ever, breaking up, engagements, marriage, babies, jobs, unemployment.  You name it, we have probably been through it together - the good, bad and ugly.  I can't say enough about these women, they are truly wonderful and I am incredibly blessed to know them!

GSW '09.......I can't wait!

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