Wednesday, October 29, 2008


T1 and T2 are the easy transitions.  Well, you may forget to take off your cap and googles, or struggle getting out of your wetsuit.  You might take forever putting on your shoes and forget your race number (by the way, I've done all of these).  But really, these are the easy ones. 

These days I find I am trying an even tougher transition.  On-season to OFF-season.  Yep, there are absolutely no races planned on my calendar in the near future.  Sure, I could find some 5ks or 10ks and put them on the schedule.  And I still have the race voice in my head that says c'mon let's go!!!  But now non-racer chick voice is there saying, maybe you should just have another cookie.  There will be plenty of races next year.  Humpf.  What's a "now I love racing" girl to do?  

Apparently, there will be plenty of LSD.  Once again peeps, minds out of the gutter.  We are talking Long Slow Distance.  Base building at its finest.  Swimming 3000 meters.  Straight.  Running 10, 15 miles.  Yes, also without breaks.  No speed.  3-4 hour bike rides with no particular place to go or hills to climb.  And you know what?  It sounds almost nice.  Like maybe this could be fun too!  

So, I shall embrace the off-season, in fact, I believe it is the NEW on-season!  And, who knows.  Maybe I will find a little 10k.  Or a swim meet.  I mean really, we wouldn't want to get race-rusty, right?  

Another transition I am dealing with?  Check out these photos.  It's true, I am now a 4-eyed gal.  This is probably proving tougher than the off-season transition.  Glasses?  On someone who has not worn anything but sunglasses her ENTIRE life?  Yikes.  

My true feelings about wearing glasses

Yea, I know.  I'm no Sarah Palin......and the kitchen is STILL dirty

How about my girls?  Look at these adorable pictures

Isabelle is a midnight fairy

Charlotte?  What else, Super Girl!

Peace out.  Happy Halloween!  


Tyler Walton said...

This is going to provide much more horse power in your tank for next year. Keep the positive spirit and we will see you on the course.

gosonja said...

Those girls are adorable. Great costumes.

I have a feeling this off season is going to be more challenging than any race you could come up with to do. :)