Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I kind of took a break.  I didn't plan it, it just happened.  Although I know I was thinking about it.  A break?  What is that?  A week with no exercise?  No way.  I'm pretty sure I wouldn't survive that.  And I really don't remember the last time I took time off from working out.  

Some would argue that it wasn't really a break and I see their point.  But fact of the matter is, I went an entire week without swimming (laps), running (except after children), biking, or lifting weights.  As in 7 days.  Why?  Well, I got sick.  First time I have been sick in a year I believe.  That god-awful head, sinus, cough until your stomach muscles hurt and you have to find your lung kind of sick.  And it happened while on vacation in Florida.  It completely sucked.  But, could I hide underneath the covers in bed all day?  Nope.  There was Sea World, the Magic Kingdom, and the Animal Kingdom to explore.  Princess dinners to attend.  Absolutely exhausting.  So maybe it wasn't the break I wanted, but sometimes you just have to accept what is being handed to you.  

Funny thing is, I have felt a bit aimless since Nationals and have had several lackluster workouts and weeks.   My motivation seems to have waned a bit.  I have had trouble concentrating on planning my 2009 race schedule and Worlds seem to be so far away.  Work has been horribly busy for the last 6 weeks and things at home have been a bit off-center.  It seems our family vacation was well-timed.  

So I took a break from working out.  I started watching what I was eating (something I needed to do anyway with all that Halloween junk candy hanging around the house), I started to focus more on next season and set some goals.  And, I enjoyed just hanging out with my hubby and my girls.  It was really nice to not have the pressure of getting up at 5am on VACATION to make sure I get my workout in.  My kids were a bit confused by this odd behavior, and so was Michael.  They are just not used to Mommy not going for "a little" run.  Michael knew I was sick when I didn't get up!

After we got home, and I visited the doc, I couldn't wait to get started again.  My night cough was improving so I decided to head to the pool for a light swim.  2200 meters later and I felt great.  I hit 2 spin classes over the weekend and worked harder than I planned but it was OK, the lungs held up!  

Of course, I paid dearly for my lack of pool time on Monday. It wasn't just from being ill, I really haven't been swimming much in the last couple of months.  So Masters was hard.  I mean, really HARD.  But with the break comes a new attitude, and the excitement to build again.  I'm even going to work with StevieP on my stroke and see if we can make some improvements.  Naturally, there will also be the on-going, never-ending run analysis as well as some fun computrainer sessions to look forward to.  But honestly, bring it on, I can't wait!

The race schedule is being finalized, I'm starting to plan for Australia, work is getting more manageable.  And, life at home has also settled down and feels centered and on-track.  I think the break was just what I needed.

Yep, Life is Good:)

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Tyler Walton said...

Yea, I am glad that you are feeling better (physical & mental).