Sunday, November 2, 2008

Colorado Trail

Yesterday was a great day!  My pal Bethie organized a run on the Colorado Trail.  But this wasn't any ordinary or easy task.  There were 3 different legs with running options of 15.5 miles, 11 miles, 27 miles, or the whopper 41 miles.  The pick-up and drop-off points were in very remote locations and the volunteer drivers drove upwards of an hour to an hour and a half to these points.  But she made it happen and it turned out to be quite a day!  

The best part of the day was that Michael was with me!!!  He heard trail run and wanted to join the group and it was awesome to have him with us.  We lined up our favorite babysitter, told her we weren't sure when we'd be home and off we went! Hopefully, he will join us more often from here.  And who knows, maybe there is a triathlon in his future???

Pretty much everyone started the first leg of 15.5 miles together, it was 6 miles up Waterton Canyon to the trail head and then single track until the first stop.  We started out very conservatively and jogged the dirt road.  Everyone was excited and chatty which was a great distraction from the brutal wind that was blowing down the canyon.  My plan was to run the first 2 legs for a whopping 27 miles total.   I felt really good the first couple of miles of  trail, even as I realized I was pacing with Anthony and Sonja (super fast runners).  But their plan was to run 41 miles so I figured I was fine.  

I was trying to keep up with my fueling (Gatorade and pb&j sammie) but my heart rate was getting a bit high for my goal so I dropped off the back of the first group and ended up running alone for awhile.  It was so peaceful and beautiful on the trail, I tried to look up every once in awhile to really appreciate the beauty of Colorado and the day we had.....crystal blue sky, light wind, and only a few clouds off in the distance.  The front group stopped to take in the view and fuel and we all started down the trail to the first stop.  Once again I fell a bit off the back as the major down hill started.  I was really concentrating on my footing (trail shoes are in my future) as there were lots of loose rocks.  I also really don't like the downhill so I was trying to stay loose. 

 StevieP stayed back and waited for me to run with me the rest of the way because people were slipping and tripping on the rocks.  Of course, a minute later, I caught a toe, and went flying onto the trail, tagging a rock with my pubic bone in the process.  Ouch.  Steve was saying, don't worry about your clothes, take an inventory of how you feel.  I felt pretty hurt but I knew nothing was broken.  I wasn't actually checking my clothes but trying to be modest because I thought I had torn my tights where I had hit the rock and wanted to make sure I wasn't showing the world my parts!!!  I kept moving because that's what you do....if nothing is broken you get up, brush off and continue on.  My elbow hurt but it was just bruised and I had a bit of road rash.  But the bone - down there.  OUCH.  There is just no cushioning there to pad against a rock.  Bethie and Son ran with me the rest of the way down and I still thought I could continue on.  

We were greeted with awesome hoots and hollars from the volunteers waiting and from the next leg runners.  We have such a great group - everyone is truly happy for each other's successes and accomplishments.  Michael came bouncing off the trail not long after the first group finished - what a rock star!  He was just doing leg 1 so he was done for the day, but it was time for me to fuel and get back on the trail.  We started again but I immediately felt pulling and tightness in the injured area and felt I was limping just a bit.  Bethie helped me make the right call, hugged me and I turned back to the cars.  

I have a real tough time with these types of decisions.  I actually felt I had an "easy day" because I only did 15.5 miles.  I was disappointed in myself because I didn't reach my goal of the 27 miles.  I felt guilty!!  But Michael (and everyone else) helped me realized I had made the right choice.  

When I got home, I noticed several lovely bruises on my quads and elbow.  And I'm sure the deep bone bruise on the pubic bone is going to be real pretty too!!!  But I am so pleased with the run - I was actually keeping up with group 1.  Yee Haw!  Michael had a great day!  Anthony, Steve, and Son made their goal of 41!!  And everyone else having a great day too - once again a great Practical Coaching day.  And all thanks to Beth and the volunteers!  


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Tyler Walton said...

Your run for the day was really awesome. It was fun to run with Michael and I hope he comes more often. Good job on the day and weekend.