Saturday, November 15, 2008

Florida Vacation

We survived our trip to the f-ing happiest place on Earth - yep, Disney World.  And Sea World. It was a really great family vacation!  One of the best moments for me?  My birthday dinner at Roy's.....mmmm.  The best present ever:  the girls behaved themselves at a white tablecloth restaurant for 2 HOURS.  It was the BEST!

Enjoy the pics:

Up close feeding the dolphins at Sea World.  This was really pretty cool, you could "pet" the dolphins and the girls thought it was great.  So did mom.  And dad.

The girls while they still liked Shamu (Charlotte also called him Mashu and Shampoo).  They insisted on sitting in the splash zone (aka SOAK zone) for the Shamu show and thought it was great until Shamu decided our section needed to be hit.  Not once.  Not twice.  But three times with that huge tail.  We were drenched.  Charlotte cried and said "bad whale"!

Hanging with Pluto.

First day of the Magic Kingdom, and a lovely nap.

Isabelle, our Belle, getting ready for the Princess dinner.

Hello, Prince Charming anyone?

The family with Mickey.

Last day at Disney.  What you can't tell in this picture is that we renamed Charlotte "Screaming Bear".  That refers to our overtired, overstimulated three-year-old.  You know what happened after I took this picture?  She pulled up her dress, pulled down her undies, bent over and mooned the family.  And the rest of Tomorrowland.  I love the threes.  

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gosonja said...

Looks like you guys had a great vacation! Fun!