Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Fun

What a difference a day makes!  I'm still tired but my tummy is almost back to normal. Michael had a bit of the bug too but we both sucked it up and hit spin class this morning for a nice 2 hour sweat fest.  And, only 2 bouts of dizziness so it was good to be inside.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from Christmas:

Christmas wishes:  a camera for Char and a Nintendo DS for Iz

Isabelle on Christmas Eve

What can I say - Christmas Fun!  (is it over yet?)

My sis Nicole and her fiance John

Isabelle and Grandpa in a game of checkers (um dad, you look like you're ready to kick some ass in the game, she's only 6!!!!)

Santa brought a DS!!

Charlotte cannot WAIT to learn to ski like her big sis.  She has been wearing the goggles non-stop around the house.  

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gosonja said...

The girls look like they had a great holiday!