Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Masters part II

It's true, just a few short months ago I actually said that I loved the HR Masters program.  Clearly, I was delusional.  Or was I just that bored from all the alone swimming I had done in the prior five months that any type of group swimming interaction seemed wonderful?  Whatever it was, the feel-good endorphins have worn off and I am stuck with the reality that Masters is a Bitch.  

OK, I admit, HR Masters is a great program.  Very good coach that writes workouts that seem to go on forever but are rarely boring.  And very fast swimmers in the pool - like 3 lanes of quality, fast, talented swimmers.  It/They are kicking my booty.  I have begun to question my fitness every time I show up because I simply have to work HARD to keep up!  That's right, going anaerobic during warm-up.  That makes for a LONG practice.    

Granted, my fitness level should be a bit different now than when I first showed up in August.  I mean, this is technically the off-season right?  Ah yes, LSD in the pool (reminder: Long Slow Distance), I'm thinking nice long sets on a very reasonable and comfortable interval.  But not for the serious Masters swimmers.  Nope.  Their season is about to begin and their intensity is ramping up.  So I find myself in the middle of a brutal 4 x (5x100) set.  ICK.  The first set is breaststroke.  WTF?  I don't DO breaststroke, never have, never will.  And I have a woman in my lane who can actually kick breaststroke with a board faster than I can swim it.  Huh.  Next set, thank goodness, freestyle.  But did I see that interval correctly?  By the end of the workout I can barely lift my arms out of the water and am trying to figure out if breaststroker chick will be offended when I ask her to blow dry my hair for me.....

But here's the good news (I think).  I made all the intervals.  And I didn't take any extra time on the wall.  And I met one of the fast girls in my lane and maybe even made a new friend!!  And, Tyler and PIC Son were there so it was a great morning. 

Happy Training!! 

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