Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

Whew, what a week it has been! In between work and workouts, there was an Australia planning dinner, a New Year's celebration with the kiddos, and another party tonight. I think I may be partied more cookies, rich food and wine. Detox begins tomorrow!

Highlight of the week?  Getting my swim in yesterday afternoon.  I know, it is a strange highlight but I was not motivated and I was short on time.  On a Friday afternoon, all I want to do is go home and relax.  Normally, I get my swims done in the morning but with Michael and Isabelle in the mountains, I didn't have that option.  So all afternoon at work, I kept debating:  blow off the swim or get it done.  I was leaning towards blowing it off and then I had a moment of clarity.  My first workout of 2009 was not going to be chalked up to being lazy and not getting it done.  So I drove to the gym, got on my suit, and proceeded to have a great 45 minute straight swim.  I know there will be many other challenges this year to getting my workouts in but am happy to report to getting it done.    

Another highlight of the week?  I signed up for some races!!  This year I have a races in Vegas (I love the "reward" part of this race), possibly Utah, Kansas (yep, my first half Ironman), Alabama, and Australia.  I will also run the Bolder Boulder, a race I have never run so I am very excited about that one.  There will also be a couple of local races:  Loveland Lake to Lake and Boulder Peak and maybe one other.  So 2009 is coming together....

My girlies on New Year's Eve: Anita, Lesa, and me

The kid's table on New Year's (sparkling cider peeps!)

Dave is very excited about his new sushi knife

A big thanks to Anthony for organizing an informational dinner with Dave, an Australian he works with, his wife Shandra, and Dave's parents who were visiting from Brisbane.  They were full of great information and detail and I came away from the dinner VERY excited about our upcoming trip.  I know it is 9 months away, but we're going to AUSTRALIA!!  

The group at dinner

Michael, me, Andrea, John

Happy New Year!!

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