Monday, January 19, 2009

January 12 - 18 Update

Weekly Update
Wed: 2500 meters
Fri:  Masters, 3700 yards, sprint day

Mon:  1:10 trainer

Tues: 10 miles conversational pace
Thurs:  9 miles conversational pace
Fri: 2.7 miles easy
Sat:  15.7 miles no speed some hills

Weights x 2
Abs x 3
Ski day Sunday

Pretty tired and starting to sleep better.  Feeling relatively rested when I wake up.

Was able to take a couple of power naps during the week which really seemed to help.  Didn't recover well from Friday swim but figured out it was due to nutritional needs (or lack thereof). Very tired after Saturday's run and legs were not recovered to ski on Sunday.

Generally good, positive, happy.  Cranky after Friday swim and Saturday run.

Feel like I am fighting the onset of a cold.  Took herbs at beginning of week and felt better but think it may be coming on again.

Record run mileage week for me - 37 miles!  Legs felt very tired after Saturday but also ran 3 days in a row without major knee pain, good news.

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