Monday, January 26, 2009

January 19 - 25 Update

Weekly Update:

Tuesday 45 minutes non-stop pull w/ paddles
Thursday: 3300m
Sunday: 6000m non-stop (pulled 2k)

Monday: Computrainer 3 hours
Wednesday: Shadow Mountain (63 miles, lots of climbing)
Friday: Trainer easy spin 1 hr. 40 min
Saturday: 2 hour spin

Tuesday: 30 min. treadmill
Friday: 3.5 miles form work
Sunday: 4 miles comfortable pace

Weights/Abs x 2

OK, couple of nights very restless, woke up tired

Massage on Monday; NormaTec ("pants") on legs 30 min Wednesday

Good, positive. Struggled with wanting to ride the trainer Friday and Saturday but was able to suck it up.

Fought a cold through Friday but was feeling well by Saturday. Knee felt great the majority of the week, Sunday a bit sore.

Big bike week for me (12+ hours). Shadow Mountain in January felt great, not overly tired and wasn't sore the following day. I'm sure the "pants" helped.  4 miles on Sunday actually felt great after long swim, could've pushed pace a bit but just kept it "conversational".  

Key Workout Description:
Location:  Carmody Rec Center
Nutrition: 1/2 pb&j about 30 minutes before swim start
Weather: N/A.  Pool was good temp - not too cold.
Distance:  6,000 meter swim
Pace: 1:34/100m  

Comments:  Good effort in the pool.  May have started a bit fast as I was trying to keep up with lead girl but ended up passing her.  Felt like I maintained initial pace through 2k, did a "build" through next 1k pull, build each 1k after.  Had a headache starting at 2k, goggles may have caused it since I didn't notice it after getting out of the pool.  Stomach was OK during swim but never got very hungry afterwards, wasn't that enthusiastic about breakfast.  Very tired arms for last 2k.  

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