Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Random Thoughts

It has been one week since I have left the full-time rat race called work.  And it has been an interesting week....here are some random thoughts:

Laundry:  Are we kidding here?  I mean really, how do 4 people create so much laundry?  And, how did I not notice this before?  (uhhem thank you Michael) It is never ending.  If there isn't a load in the washer, there are 4 more waiting to go in.  And another 2 waiting to be folded.  My life before me is in a laundry basket.

Schedule:  Clearly a schedule is a necessity for me.  It has helped me get through this first week and it is helping me adapt to my new lifestyle.  Without a schedule I find myself in a state of panic:  What do I do now?  What am I supposed to be doing?  More laundry?  Bake cookies? Sit on my ass and watch Oprah? (Side note: I have not yet watched Oprah)

Gym:  I have already figured out that the gym is packed between the hours of 9 - 11 and I should avoid it at all costs if I want to keep my sanity.  It seems that this is the hour that ladies arrive to the gym to workout with makeup on.  And their hair done.  In matching outfits.  And nobody actually sweats.  This is not me.  I sweat profusely and I will neither admit nor deny that I may or may not have missed a shower. Or 2.  And I haven't worn makeup or jewelry in the last week.  I clearly don't fit in with this crowd.  

Food:  As a working girl I had my eating habits down.  Breakfast around 8.  Snack at 10:30.  Lunch at 12:00.  Snack at 3.  Dinner when I got home.  Easy.  Now I don't know when or what to eat.  I am very confused.  I find myself starving at 1:00 only to realize I have consumed maybe 300 calories.  And worked out.  And sweated profusely (see last point).  I didn't realized this was going to be a struggle.  

Snow:  Wow.  I had no idea shoveling snow was so tough.  Monday morning we woke up to one heck of a snow and so I started shoveling as soon as the sun came out.  I immediately felt something strain in my side (note:  work obliques) and within 10 minutes knew I was going to be sore!  From shoveling.  This housework stuff is brutal.  

Workouts:  It is an absolute pleasure to not rush through a workout and skip something because I don't have the time.  StevieP has revamped my schedule and it is kind of exciting! Longer workouts, although not by that much.  Sometimes 2 in one day with a recovery in between.  Very cool. 

Wine:  Yes.  More please.  And how early is too early?  Can you mix wine with laundry?

Cooking:  Planning meals.  Grocery shopping the same day I decide to make something.  I forgot how much I like to cook.  This has been a great re-discovery....potato soup tonight. Chicken and rice casserole (with jalapenos!) tomorrow night.  The girls have requested nachos. I am so into this!  

So, my last week has been interesting to say the least.  But I'm getting the hang of it.  And some pretty exciting things may be happening on the new career front too.  As one of my friends said over the weekend, it's time to find my flower shop!


Ken said...

I strongly encourage wine + laundry (or wine + most anything that involves housework)

Christy said...

Of course you can mix wine & laundry. I never understood make-up & the gym... possibly, posers :)

Anonymous said...

Not since your father took up marathons have I felt so appalled by my pathetic lack of stamina. Of course, before that I was appalled at your father's all-round athletic prowess and that a man 60+ (your grandfather of course) could exercise me into the ground without working up a sweat. I really have to go sit on the couch with a book and a glass or two of wine!

Uncle Greg