Monday, January 26, 2009

Sanity Check take 2

OK, 6000m on Sunday (see last post) was on the edge of crazy "I got your crazy".....but to follow up on a Monday morning with a Masters distance workout????  I definately got your crazy.  I like Coach Paul's sets as it feels like the big reveal.  You just don't know what's coming next.  So after a 2000y warm-up, he throws the main set up on the board.  I'm thinking to myself.....this could be bad.....and it was.  6x500.  Ouch.  1, 3, and 5 were long and stretched out.  #2 was broken at the 300 (300, 10 sec. rest, 200), #4 was broken at the 250.  #6: 200, 10 sec. rest, 200 10 sec. rest, 100.  And these were fast.  OUCH.  

11,000 over the course of 24 hours.

I am so happy I won't see the pool again until Friday.  

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