Monday, February 23, 2009


I know, it's a bit late to post a video from last Tuesday's track workout. But it took me that long to figure out iMovie. And then I realized I couldn't post from iMovie and had ask PIC what I needed to do. Which lead me to compressing the video and then creating a YouTube account. Just so you know, these are all activities I had sworn NOT to do. (not asking PIC, just the video compressing and YouTube stuff) I probably shouldn't admit it took me that long to do any of this.....that's right, I've been lazy and busy. At the same time.

So my apologies for the following video.....this is what happens when I am home alone and dreading a track workout. I also apologize for not reading the owner's manual for the camera thus leading to the blurry video. I am the only one to blame for the shaky camera and general goofiness. Oh and it was my first time using iMovie enjoy!!!! (BTW, cast of characters: me, Bethie, Sonja, and Sonja's cat)

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