Monday, February 23, 2009

Feb. 17 - Feb. 22 Update

Weekly Update
Monday:  Masters distance ~5000 yds
Saturday:  1 hour non-stop (20m swim, 25m pull, 15m swim)

Thursday:  Epic loop (74 miles, 5 hrs 40 min, 8500 feet climbing over 5 "hills")

Tuesday:  6 x 1 mile repeats
Friday:  12 miles w/ 1/2 mile race pace efforts miles 6-10

Weights x 2; core class x 1; 1 ski day 


Generally good.  Normatech pants on Friday after run and legs felt great afterwards. Stretching almost daily.

Good with periods of crankiness

Somehow tweaked lower back this week, it started acting up on Thursday ride, possibly due to increased speed work, core class, and time on bike.  It loosened up on Sunday so I'll watch it and not push over next week.  Knee also a bit sore this week.  Otherwise healthy and weathered another kids' cold.

Even with a day off this week, I was pretty tired and sore but felt I had some quality workouts and hit a couple of milestones (swim on Monday was aggressive and was able to keep pace with fast girl, Epic on Thursday in February and stayed in-the-game entire ride, quality 12 miles on Friday on tired legs and happy with speed effort).

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