Monday, February 16, 2009

Feb. 9 - Feb. 16

Weekly Update
Monday: Masters swim 5000y
Friday: Masters sprint day ~3700y

Wednesday: Spin 2 hours

Tuesday: 8 miles conversational pace
Thursday: 10 miles with 1/2 mile 10k pace efforts miles 4-8
Sunday: 17 miles up Deer Creek, Highgrade, City View

Weights and abs x 2

Sleep: Good this week except after 17 miler due to stomach distress

Recovery: Decent but needed an extra 2 hours sleep mid-day on Saturday as I was not feeling right. Also skipped my spin on Saturday since I was sleeping.

Mood: Very good, positive attitude

Health: GI issues all week, some headaches

Beth, John, Tyler, Nicole, me and Sarah before starting out on our big run with the hills in the distance

Key Workout Description:  Run up Deer Creek, High Grade, City View (17 miles and ab. 3000 feet of climbing) with "pickup" at switchbacks to school house

Nutrition:  2 waffles and 2 chicken sausages 2 hours before run time.  Heed in water bottle.  Took 1/4 of pb& honey sandwich at mile 6 and another at mile 11.  Stomach distress started around mile 12 and continued the remainder of the day.  Was unable to eat rest of run.  After run drank 32 ounces of Accelerade.  45 minutes later ate a protein bar.  

Weather:  Beautiful!  Sunny skies, light wind, about 30 degrees.

Distance:  17.18 miles

Pace:  Averaged 11.18 including stops for water, food and bathroom

Heart Rate Stats:  Average HR 142

Comments:  Paced with Beth entire run and we ran it smartly.  Held back early in run with the goal of running entire distance and feeling good at end.  Was able to meet this goal but had GI/ nutrition issues.

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Beth Tennant said...

hows that Gi thang going today? Better not bring it to the track tomorrow! Thanks for an awesome run! BT