Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Life in Pictures

What have I been doing these past few weeks you ask? First things first, settling into unemployment (or employment-challenged depending on if you're a half-empty or half-full type of person). Second, getting in some QUALITY training.....watch out Australia:) Third, enjoying my family and friends even more than I usually do......

Brecken-windy.  Doesn't it look warm???  Anita and I have discovered the key to keeping our toes warm depends on if there are pickles at the Bloody Mary bar.  Seriously.

Isabelle and Mia on the first day of Bombers

Charlotte on her first day on skis:  she's a natural!!

Noell, Beth and me running at Chatfield

Steph, Anita and Lesa getting ready for fondue

Fondue at mi casa

Uber-bowler Steph.  I have no idea how to flip the picture around.

I may look tough, but I am the worst bowler I know.  Other than my husband.

Me and Michael

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Noell Blevins said...

I think "employment challenged" is suiting you well! You sound very happy! Let me know if you want to ride Thursday..