Saturday, February 14, 2009


As an athlete, probably one of the most important things we can do for ourselves is to listen to our bodies.  Although for me, I am usually better at flat out ignoring what my body may or may not be trying to tell me.  All week I have had a low grade headache and GI distress and every morning just didn't feel that great.  But I'm more of a "get movin' and you'll feel better" type of gal so I didn't miss any workouts.  My workouts were good though so I really have no complaints just that I feel like sh*t when I get up in the morning.  

Now, I usually always eat what my body wants (I listen to food cravings) and this week that was chocolate chips.  As in, by the hand-full - apparently my period will be starting soon (oops - should've put a "girlie" warning at the top of this post).  I also usually eat lots of peanut butter.....and with the current peanut butter scare I thought for a moment I might have salmonella poisoning.  But I have had that before and I would KNOW if that were the case.  So, in short, unusually tired and all yucky in the morning.  Oh and Mom, I AM NOT PREGNANT AND THERE WILL BE NO MORE BABIES even though I saw a really cute baby for a minute yesterday but then remembered cute babies turn into strong-willed 3-year olds!  

This morning it happened again.  Bleh.  And I needed to get on my trainer and ride for an hour, not a big deal but honestly about the last thing in the world I wanted to do.  Instead, I took Charlotte to a birthday party for a couple of hours, ate pizza and cake, and figured I would ride when I got home.  But I never felt better and by the time I got home Michael looked at me and said you don't look I laid down on the couch.  2 hours later (yep, two, dos, duo, 2) I woke up to an empty house.  Whoa, a 2 hour sleep?  But here's the cool thing, I feel better.  I'm sitting here on my second cup of ginger tea, watching the Tour de California (LOVE LOVE LOVE bike racers) and things are looking OK.  

So what's my lesson of the day/week?  I really have no idea.  If anyone can figure it out please let me know.  The only thing I am coming up with is sleep when you're tired.  Could it really be that simple?


Beth Tennant said...

Your body knew what you expected of it on Sunday so it wanted to rest up! Smart body!!!

Christy said...

Reading your blogs a/b this have been very helpful b/c I have been trying to figure it out w/ my own body. Thx for blogging a/b it in an honest way.