Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day Off

After a disappointing ride yesterday, Coach asked me to take a day off.  An unplanned day off. By the way, when I say disappointing just think getting dropped in a warm up.  I mean I could not for the life of me get my legs to give me any more ummmph.  And I wanted to hammer with the girls so badly - we were riding with the '04 Olympic Bronze medalist for goodness sakes!!! But, alas, it was just not my day.  After the millionth time being dropped, I decided to pack it in at mile 28. Great plan but the problem was it still took me another 1.5 hours and 28 miles to get home.  Zowie (for those doing the math that would be 56 miles, 4 hours, and not sure of feet climbed).  I spent the next 2 hours in bed but I was too tired to sleep.  So I read my book (yep, it's true, I am devouring the Twilight series and I know I said I'd never read a teen book but these are awesome!), felt my legs spasming (is that a word?), and tried not to be bummed out at my lack of performance.  

And then came the call from Coach telling me to take a day off, to recover.  I didn't fight it because it made perfect sense.  In looking back over the last week, well OK the last month, there has been LOTS of training, lots of hard work, and not much time for recovery.  So, here are my top 10 list of things to do for an unplanned day off:

1.  Sleep
2.  Eat
3.  Re-stock gels, nutrition bars, sports drinks etc.
4.  Re-stock entire kitchen (I eat more than I care to think about)
5.  Make a dent in washing "wicking" laundry......I forgot about some of these clothes because they were at the bottom of the pile....almost as good as buying something new!
6.  Go outside and try to even out silly bike tan lines (thx PIC!)
7.  Read book
8.  Watch movie (Netflix is great)
9.  Stretch
10.  Pedi (OK, I didn't actually do this but my feet need a little love!)

The big question is, am I ready to get back into it tomorrow?  I plan on giving it a shot - Masters in the morning and weights and abs.  Fortunately, it is swimming so if I'm not feeling it I will get out of the pool and go home and get back in bed.  I won't have to swim 3 miles to get home, that is a relief.  


Tyler Walton said...

bad days can turn to good experences. Stoping and not finishing is a wierd feeling and I had mine a few weeks ago. Keep it up you rock and are more fun to be around than you realize


goSonja said...

you rock PIC, way to keep it all in perspective!