Sunday, March 8, 2009

March 2 - March 8 Update

Weekly Update
Wednesday: 1 hr 5 min non stop (20 min swim, 30 min pull, 15 min swim)
Friday:  Masters, sprint day, 3800 yards

Monday: Epic loop (5 hr. 25 min., 8500 ft climbing, aggressive ride)
Friday:  City View loop (46 miles, ~4000 ft climbing, easy ride except for wild goose chase second half of High Grade that boosted my HR 10-15 bpm for ~20 minutes)
Sunday:  2.5 hour spin, easy/moderate pace

Tuesday:  9 miles, conversational pace
Thursday:  11.3 miles, conversational pace
Saturday:  6 miles, easy/moderate pace

Weights/abs x 1

OK, pretty tired this week.  Woke up on the weekend feeling like I needed several more hours sleep. Passed out on the couch for a bit on Saturday afternoon. 

Good.  Legs felt relatively good considering load but were reasonably tired and heavy on Saturday but still managed to pick up miles 4/5 at a good clip with an under race-pace HR. 

Good for the most part

Good.  Kids have been fighting colds so I feel I am waiting for a cold to happen but have weathered the germ pool well so far.

A record time week for me coming in at just over 20 hours.  I was quite tired coming into the weekend but still managed to eek out a run Saturday.  Really had a hard time coming into Sunday and almost didn't manage a workout but sucked up 2.5 hours on a spin bike with Michael and good people watching (and 2007 Ironman on video screen helped).  Robust appetite this week.  

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