Sunday, March 15, 2009


If PIC Sonja and I weren't enough trouble on our own, take a look at this picture.  Yep, there's a new bike in the mix, a beautiful yet-to-be-named Isaac that PIC can call her own.  It's true, we will no longer be twinkies on the bike.  But after today's ride we will now be known as the Isaac Girls.  (sorry Steve!!!)  

Princess aka Aloha Mahalo in blue and her new pal in white

So today's workout was, in a word, awesome.  PIC and I had a very specific ride today, just the 2 of us (well, with the bikes that would be 4).  But nobody else.  This was no social ride, it was a 2-man (WO-man), 2 minute pace line for the Shadow Mountain ride. And we KILLED it!!   We were super strong on all 3 climbs, kept a great steady pace, and continued our pace line even on the downhills.  And you can tell we are both working on our downhill skills and had some great descents!  

All told, 50.6 miles and 3.5 hours.  What a ride!  Thanks Sonja and yet-to-be-named awesomeness:)

I think Sonja's hair pretty much sums up the ride!

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goSonja said...

Ahhh, the girls did have a lot of fun today. I am still just stoked about how well we rode that today! It was probably a good idea not to follow the "Skins" up Epic :)!