Thursday, April 2, 2009

Colorado Springs

Last weekend, I took the first (or maybe final) step in my quest to redefine myself career-wise.  I headed up to Colorado Springs for the USAT Coaching Level 1 Clinic.  Of course, with the blizzard on Thursday and Michael's flight home Thursday night canceled, I was a bit late to leave Denver and arrived an hour late.  No worries, the first course I missed was by my least favorite lecturer.  I was very fortunate in that my friend and fellow tri-chick Sydney was also going to the course so we decided to travel and room together and had a ball!!! 

The only unfortunate part?  I haven't sat my ass in a chair for 9 hours straight, well, since I was last gainfully employed.  That was difficult!!  And, of course, not working out for a couple of hours a day left me feeling BLAHHHHH.  The good part?  I was able to listen to all sorts of great people talk about what I love to do and talk about:  nutrition, running, biking, swimming, mental training.  It was incredibly educational and highly motivating.  Oh, and the really cool part?  The clinic was held at the OTC.  Yep, the Olympic Training Center (insert oooohhhhhs and ahhhhhs here), that's right hallowed grounds.  

Anyway, here are some cool pics from the weekend:

Sydney and I arriving at the OTC, we were clearly in a hurry to get to class (can you tell she just got back from Cancun?)

The walk of something or another.....I found the cool sport

If only I knew how to rotate an image in blogger.

We had lunch in the OTC dining hall.  Not only did they serve up the BEST food (awesome salad bar, salmon, couscous, fruit, noodles, soup, etc.), but it was served up on these plates!

These block had names of all the past Olympic champions

Love this quote

On Saturday night, some folks from the clinic went to Manitou Springs for dinner on a recommendation that The Loop was the place to go for good margaritas.  Really, who cares about food if the drinks are good!  As we were driving into Manitou Springs, I remembered the last time I was there and all I can say is Pikes Peak.....I'll be back (in my best Ah-nold voice-over)

No really, it's just Gatorade

Kristi, me, Sydney, Ryan...really cool people and conversation

I am back on the Starbucks bandwagon

OTC cool pics

And the best part of the weekend?  Finally breaking out of class on a beautiful afternoon and going for a run in the Garden of the Gods.  Wow.  It doesn't get much better than that.

Me, Ryan & Syd

Me and Pikes Peak

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Beth Tennant said...

Girl, i am so proud of you for chasing your dreams! Glad you had such a great weekend and you had fun! When is it official?