Saturday, April 4, 2009

March 31 - April 5 Update

Weekly Update
Monday:  3800m
Wednesday:  45 minutes non-stop (swim and pull)
Friday:  3600m

Monday:  2 hours trainer (5 min. tempo every 20 min)
Tuesday:  1.5 hours LSD
Wednesday:  1 hour trainer (5 min. tempo every 10 min)
Sunday:  2.5 hours spin bike

Thursday: 10.4 miles Chatfield loop (first 6 miles conversational pace, last 4 pushed)
Saturday:  9+ miles (8x1mile repeats on tready)

Weights/abs x 3

Very good this week.  Must be tired as I fell asleep on couch watching TV both Thursday and Friday nights (haven't done that in ages, and yes I am FUN!)

Good.  Lots of swims this week which help me feel recovered.

Good.  Not much crankiness.

Healthy!!!  Started taking preventative allergy stuff as we head into April

All in all a good week.  Had a great run Thursday night and was able to push pace a bit for last half of run.  Got HR up into "danger" zone but backed off pace just a tad and tried to keep at it.  
Felt great that I didn't give up:)  Next time I will push for longer and try to get my wits through mind games!  Swims this week were strong, saw some nice times on Monday and felt good pushing.  Lots of trainer time on the bike this week so I can't wait to get back outside again.

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