Thursday, April 23, 2009

Road Trip

In pictures.  I'm still working on the R2AR2R post/video/pictures but here's a view of the trip in pictures!!!

There was a caravan of cars on the way to Vegas:  Tyler, Anne, and Sonja.  

Me and Bethie pre-race recon.  For some reason, the bike course seemed very different on race day.  It could have been the head wind.  Or the fact that I had shoes on.  Or maybe because I put my helmet on backwards for the race.  Oh, scratch that....there was no photographic evidence.  It may or may not have happened.  I can neither confirm nor deny....

Family post-race.  It was so great to have them there cheering me in at the end!!!

Ummm, Charlotte got a hold of the camera

PC girls

Anne and I were In 'n Out virgins..... that was an amazing burger.  Animal style.  Who knew?

The PC gang.  For some reason Tyler is taking off his shirt????  And what is Beth pointing at? And why is John spooning Anthony?  

After Zumanity (which I LOVED), we went to see the fountains at the Bellagio

You thought the Hoover Dam was cool?  Not as cool as the suspension bridge they are building right next to it!!!

Isabelle at the trailhead 

Phantom Ranch:  Dave, Keith, me, Sonja

Wow.  I went from here to almost there and all the way back.

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