Thursday, May 21, 2009

All I Want...

Sing it with me peeps!

All I want for Memorial Day
Is a TT Bike
A TT Bike
A TT Bike

Yep.  I am drooling just a bit as I saw a few of the SEXIEST TT bikes evah in Steve-O's garage today.  Keith has just acquired a beautiful new Isaac and Steve is putting the finishing touches on it.  But above the new TT bike being built was one that seems to have my name on it.  I kinda checked her out (and I think she gave me the once over too), I even took her out for a mini-spin.  She was BEGGING me for some speed so I picked it up and up a bit more (that is once I figured out the gear shifting).  And then I realized I had no helmet so I slowed it down!

She looks almost exactly like this one.  Thanks PIC for the photo!

So I am really hoping this bike may be in my immediate future and I think the bike hopes for that too.  She has spent the last couple of years gathering dust in a closet.  Oh, I would treat her so well!!  I have just the right spot in the living room where she could hang out with Princess. And we would ride FAST.  Otherwise she is headed towards in slow casual rides.  There outta be a law - no casual riding on any sexy TT bike. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE owner of said sexy TT bike, please let me adopt her!!!!  

P.S.  Princess is pissed.   

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