Monday, May 25, 2009


What an awesome race!!  I am almost embarrassed now to say that today was the first time that I have participated in the annual pilgrimage to Boulder on Memorial Day to run a 10k.  It's true, I've lived here the majority of my life and today was my first BolderBoulder - and certainly not my last.  My day started early, about 4:30am.  Had a bit of coffee, some organic raisin toast with almond butter and agave nectar (more on my "natural" eating at a later date), hopped into the car and plugged in my favorite tunes.  I love driving early in the morning - not many people out there and it's kinda peaceful:)  

Me, Steve and Sarah getting ready to warm-up.

Initially I was hoping to run a personal best (PB) in this race since I have been running well lately and I thought I should be able to beat my OTB time at Nationals last year.  I had an aggressive goal time but readjusted my expectations after talking to Coach Steve.  Too many people, too many turns, and let's just say pretty hard and hilly!  My main goal?  To have fun and enjoy the bands and the scenery and the party!  And to negative split the race.  This was a great last minute goal from Steve and made me really think about how I was going to take it out.  I qualified for a decent wave and started at 7:05.  Steve, Sarah, and I warmed up and served as unofficial port-a-potty inspectors along the route to the start line.  The weather was beautiful, sunny but muggy, and I almost took some sunscreen from the volunteers at the start.  I was excited to start, not anxious, and taking it all in.  Um, yeah that would include the individuals that neglected to put on deoderant and "ahem" the gentleman in front of me just farting away!  The gun went off and I had a huge smile on my face and was elated to be running (away from fart man)...a definate feel good moment.  

That first mile was awesome, the Blues Brothers band playing at the 1/2 mile, and people everywhere.  I glanced down at my watch just to make sure I wasn't caught up in all the crazies taking it out too fast and sure enough, I was pacing a 6:30.  Yep, I put the brakes on a bit and came in around 7:15.  I was feeling good, and sweaty!!  It was soooo humid that I was just dripping sweat!  Turn after turn after turn.....the course was turny and it was hard to cut the tangents with so many people.  But I was going with the flow.  Mile 2 came in around 7:30.  Still feeling good and still remembering the goal of negative splitting.  At the 5k mark I was about 23:18ish and thought huh, can I hold this?  Can I take this down?  What about this slight breathing cramp that is building?  How many miles left?  Who's the guy running in the pink tutu and should I let him pass me?  Are my shoulders relaxed?  How's my breathing?  What's my family doing?  What are we having for dinner?  I need to get the oil changed in my car..... I'll stop there.  

Mile 4 came in about 7:20.  So I was in line for the negative split.  Mile 5 was my fastest (a nice downhill) at 7:10 (garmin came in at 7:04).  Those last couple of miles, well, truth be told, the entire race, my legs felt heavy and not fresh which makes perfect sense for where I'm at training wise.  But I chose to not let it affect my thinking.  I was on my way to a PB if I could just hold the pace.  Funny thing is looking back, I wasn't red-lining, so I should have had a bit more push in me.  I also held back thinking I had to leave a bit in the engine for the big climb up Folsom, but I didn't realize the race didn't go all the way up the hill - only half way!  So yes, I left a bit out there.  Running into the stadium is incredible!  I tried to find myself on the Jumbotron but then realized that I needed to pick it up and kick it in.  And then the race was over.  I glanced down at my watch and grinned.  I didn't come close to my original goal time (about a minute off), but I did negative split and I did PB.  46:06.    And, out of the 571 females age 40, I was 8th! 

So here are a few of my favorite things from BolderBoulder '09:

Blues Brothers band
Elvis in his white leisure suit
Guy running in his business suit and briefcase, and the person telling him to pick it up he's late for a meeting in 20 minutes
Guy running in pink tutu
Beatles band
2 groups of belly dancers!
Run Forrest Run!
Chalk writing on 19th street (Tour style) with um, male genitalia and the encouraging words "Keep it up"!!
A beer at the finish (before 8am)!  OK, I didn't drink it!
Reusable goodie bags 
The next pair of shoes that I will own CROCS - they make a sweet "recovery" shoe
NO POPSICLES (the clouds came in after I finished and the temperature DROPPED)
Running by the sushi bar where I last did karaoke (there were no cameras or video I'm pretty sure, and that was 20 years ago)
Running in Folsom Field
Watching all the other runners in Folsom Field
Having coffee with Steve and Sarah and teaching Steve about the Iphone.  Sorry PIC for the strange texts and emails:)


Tyler Walton said...

Nice job. I am glad that this race was fun and you kicked some Butt. See you tonight

stevenmercer said...

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