Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 18 - 24

Weekly Update
Monday:  Masters, 4500yds
Saturday:  Gravel pond 2 laps

Tuesday:  2 hours no speed, forgot my watch so I don't know how many miles!
Thursday:  Computrainer, 25 miles, hard effort
Friday:  45 min. ez on spin bike
Sunday:  29 miles TT position, steady

Tuesday:  Track, main set 8x800
Friday:  4 miles fast OTB
Saturday:  6.5 miles conversational pace
Sunday:  15 minute jog OTB

Weights/abs x 1

Still not great.  Either can't get to sleep or wake up in middle of night and can't get back to sleep.  Will try accupuncture, don't believe it is due to overtraining as my body feels good and I've had some quality workouts.

Rest day on Wednesday but felt out of sorts all day and into Thursday but more than likely related to lack of sleep.

Decent with periods of happy and sad

Allergies!!!!  Or I'm on the front end of a cold but I think it's allergies.  

Feel like I have had some quality runs and bikes lately.  Legs finally feel as if they have some giddy-up on the bike!!!  Very happy with efforts although not as pleased with swims.  I understand the plan though and am OK with only a couple of swims a week (sometimes only 1!!).  

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