Monday, May 11, 2009

May 4 - May 10 Update

Weekly Update
Monday:  Masters, distance day 5000 yds
(Coach has a plan, more time on the bike less time in the pool.  See below.)

Tuesday: 1 hour TT position (trainer), easy
Wednesday:  34 miles, rollers, pretty aggressive  
Friday:  2 hours spin bike (after 30 min., 2 min. LT efforts w/ a sprint)

Tuesday:  Abbreviated track workout, 4 miles total
Thursday:  10 miles harder than it should have been
Sunday:  7 miles tready (darn rain!)

Weights/abs x 1

Getting better.  Tired but not sleeping due to personal stress.  Fell asleep in front of TV a couple of times at night.

Pretty good.  Felt like a lighter week for me although legs after Wednesday ride were sore and tired.  Legs for Thursday run were heavy and sore but after day off on Saturday my run Sunday was great (for a treadmill).

A bit down due to personal stress but getting better:)

Overall good but watching soreness in legs.  Left achilles is tight in the mornings but seems to loosen up and my left knee has kicked in a couple of complaints.  Right knee also bitching a bit, would like a cortisone shot but I have resisted thus far.....

Felt like it was an "off" week but I had a couple of decent efforts in there.  I haven't been in the game mentally and am looking forward to getting back on the bandwagon, there will be a couple of good mental tests for me this week.  

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