Monday, May 11, 2009

Random Stuff

Here are some random cool things that have been going on in my world.  

First, although this isn't just in my world, Mother's Day was pretty cool this year!  We got together with my family at Maggiano's and had a great meal with great company.  And look at what Charlotte made for me:

On the other side it says "I love mommy".  She did the artwork on the bag all by herself!  Naturally, my tomboy has a t-shirt and sweats on in the picture.  And I don't think her hair was combed.  But I absolutely love it.  Inside the bag was a cool book with her artwork and this description:

My favorite part is that I'm 3 ft. tall and weigh 2 lbs.  At least it isn't the other way around!! Oh, and my favorite food????  Broccoli!  And my favorite song???  That's not my name!!!  

In other randomness, PIC Sonja told me about this cookbook she has and how she makes awesome bread.  I have always been scared shitless to bake bread.  I mean there's all that kneading and rising and punching and so on and so forth.  Who has the time/patience for that? But since I have more time these days and I'm trying to be more housewife-like/mom-extraordinaire - like, I bought some yeast.  And then I bought the book "Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a Day".  And then I found out you don't have to do all that kneading/punching/rising blah blah blah stuff.  You literally throw water, yeast and flour in a bucket, mix it, let it rise, put it in the  fridge and then cut a piece off and throw it in the oven when you want fresh baked bread.  And it keeps for up to 2 weeks.  Now, this is my kind of recipe.  Easy easy!!  

I am not kidding you, this came out of MY oven.  I made it myself!  And the best part???  It tastes awesome!!  My family ate the entire loaf for dinner and wanted another one the next day. And since I had the dough in the fridge, we had another fresh-baked loaf in a matter of minutes!!  

And how could I not mention my husband-extraordinaire until now?  He decided earlier this year that he loves trail running.  Loves it so much in fact that he wanted to try running trails for 50k (or 31 miles for us non-k peeps).  He signed up for the Greenland 50k, I wrote him a training plan, he followed it, and on Saturday he ran 50k and came into the finish chute smiling.  It was a great day for him and for me to be out there supporting him.  Charlotte and I saw him come in for his third (out of four) loop, had a picnic in our car, and then cheered him in at the finish.  We met some neat people out there and had a blast!  Great job Michael, I am so proud of you!!!  

Charlotte running in with Michael

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