Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hawaii Pictures

Last Monday morning after returning from Kansas, the girls of the family headed to the airport to fly to Maui with a quick stop in San Francisco. I only had 3 hours of sleep and absolutely no recovery time from the 70.3 race, but really who's complaining when the end destination is Hawaii??? One flight puking incident (no, it wasn't me) on some unsuspecting passengers (they were very kind), an expensive stop to re-clothe the sick child in the university shop at the airport, and a broken DVD player (NOOOOOOOO!!!), we finally arrived in Maui....one of my all time favorite places.

I lived here for a summer back in 1989 and honestly, the place just hasn't changed much since then. Of course there has been lots of resort development but the essence of the place feels the same. I just look out onto the water and I somehow feel like I am home. If I ever win the lottery you will know where to find me!!

Here are some pictures from the quick Hawaii trip. The girls and I had a fabulous time!! We did, however, miss Michael/daddy tremendously.

No ka oi.....Maui sunset with Molokini to the right

My little swimmer girl Charlotte

Isabelle and Charlotte at the pirate pool

At the wedding

At the beach, notice the HUGE surf in the background!

Tahitian dancers

A hammerhead shark at the aquarium

Another quality picture of me

Fun underwater shots

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