Monday, June 22, 2009

Nicole's Wedding

After the race on Sunday, I raced to the airport (thanks Anthony's parents for the ride!!) to get on a flight home, so that I could race to the airport Monday morning with the girls, to get to Hawaii for my sister Nicole's wedding!!!  Phew!!  We arrived in Maui Monday afternoon and the wedding was on Tuesday night.  It was a small, intimate and beautiful wedding.  And it was exactly what Nicole (and John) wanted which made it even more special.  I am sooooo happy that I was able to witness the nuptials with my girls.  (Michael was missed more than I can say)  Here are a few photos.....

My dad and John

My girls

Nicole and John

Love the look on her face, what were they talking about?  Anyway, look at how gorgeous the day and scenery were (and the bride and groom of course)

Kapalua Bay is pretty popular for weddings....there were 2 others going on at sunset!

The happy couple!

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Ken said...

The pics look great. Pass on my congrats to Nicole for us, we can't make it down for the reception sadly as my whole family is at the lake for my folk's 40th anniversary...