Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Lots going on this last week and all sorts of stuff to blog about but first things first. You may remember my post back in May about that sexy TT bike that I was drooling over. Ohhhh, I wanted it so much but at that time the owner of said sexy TT bike was not willing to let her go. So I waited. I looked at other TT bikes, even considered a nice Cervelo. I checked eBay, I called bike shops. I just figured I would have to wait until the fall to find the right bike. But in my heart all I really wanted was that darn sexy Isaac.

You know that saying, good things happen to those that wait.....I can't believe my luck. Owner of sexy TT bike finally decided to let her go (and trust me, now that I've ridden her, I know why she didn't want to part ways!) and I have my very own sexy TT bike. Check it out!!!!

A few minor adjustments from Steve-O, and this girl is ready to go. I rode her today and I'm in love. Again. And she's mine!!!!!!

I had a talk with Princess and so far she's behaving herself now that she has a little sister. Although at the time I may have neglected mentioning the HOT-ness factor of the new bike. And she probably doesn't understand yet that she's going to get a bit of a break for the next couple of months. Princess will be pissed.

But here's the deal. I need a name for this sexy TT bike!!! And soon, I am racing her Sunday!! So please, please, please leave some comment love with suggestions. I don't think think "sexy TT bike" is going to work!!!!

P.S. Thank you Michael!!!


Tyler Walton said...

Isaac bikes are inspired by Sir Isaac Newton and what better way to follow the inspiration than to name your TT after the love is his life. I did some research and found out he was never married but in fact was GAY. So I feel you should follow the inspiration and call your bike "ALBERT" or AL for short.

Ken said...

Looks nice, but I must admit I have hot clue what to call your bike... I did though read this recently, and thought you might find it humourous as I am sure your diet must be pretty intense too...

David said...

Alright...I'm posting on here and all I do is read your blogs but with Tyler's post and my Physics degrees I must get her "Apple". Real obvious connection to Isaac Newton but add in the cheesy route it's perfect as the bike is now the "Apple of your eye".

Think about it.

-Jenna's Dave

RDH said...

Like Tyler's and Dave's suggestions. Here are a few others for consideration.

Sticking with the U.K. theme started by Tyler: Camilla - usurper of Princess.

You could go with a goddess theme: Athena - she will guide you in your battles on the road.

Or, perhaps a sex change is in order (as also suggested by Tyler):
Black Beauty - a strong and handsome stead.

Lesa said...

Following the "sexy" theme I would call her Helen Keller or Helen or Hell for short. (Thinking of your playlist...get it?)

Missing you,

Michelle said...

I love these suggestions!!! A couple of them are rolling around in my head.....keep 'em coming!

Beth Tennant said...

the new bike looks hot! Congrats! You will be hell on wheels! Best to stick with that theme..
Veloshe - Velo for short
Hell on Wheels - HOWie
Freakin Fast - F2
EMD - Eat my dust
Since she is a single season bike maybe try
summer sizzle - S2
HEAT - hellacious every absolute time!

Whatever you name her i am sure she will serve you well.