Monday, July 13, 2009


I have been trying to narrow down the list of GREAT name suggestions for the new ride. Here are a couple that made the final cut:

Jolissa (That's Not My Name!)
F2 (f-ing fast)
Black Beauty

But this weekend seemed to have a significant theme. It started on Friday. I had a conversation with Foster about Newton running shoes. And then there were the Newtons at the Rez. I know, these are shoes and really nothing to do with a bike. But still??!! But then, as I was talking to my bike about her name during the race Sunday (doesn't everyone talk to their bike during a race???), I looked up and saw a mailbox. And guess what the name on the mailbox was? Newton. I started to giggle and figured that was a sign and so it looks like the name is Apple Newt. Or Apple Newton. Or maybe just plain Newt. Newton.

Not to mention that I'd rather not have to explain F2 to my kids......

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Anonymous said...

You didn't like Helen? So sad!!

Sounds like the race was tough but as usual you showed the fortitued I do not have!! I am glad the tough race was well before the really big races to come this year!!

You're a rock star!!