Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Much about nothing

I am sitting here with just over 12 hours until my plane departs DIA for the hotbed (literally) of Tuscaloosa, Alabama (well, landing in Birmingham and driving to Tuscasloosa). Home of the University of Alabama and race site for the USAT Age Group Nationals. With all of my training buddies in tow it is bound to be a fabulous weekend!!

For those of you on Twitter (follow me @michelleford6p), a couple of us have signed up to help @triboomer and @athletes4acure cover the live pro race after the age group race on Saturday....a Twitter Cast! Sonja and I will be taking pictures and video and posting current leaders on the bike and run. This will be a blast! Last year we did the same thing but in an unofficial/stalker-ish way. Pictures should be better quality this year with my new phone!

Start of the men's pro race
It was cold in Portland last year. I expect fewer clothing items in Tuscaloosa.

So, I leave tonight and 2 hours later Michael and Charlotte return from their quick trip to California to visit G-ma Nelly. I miss them and won't see them till Sunday....

My little bat-girl

A couple of Charlotte-isms in the last week that make me giggle:

Char (I'm on the trainer): You're riding your bike?
Me: Yes
Char (looking around): Well, where are you going?

Char (alone in the family room playing a game): Who tooted?
Me, Michael and Iz look at each other: Huh?
Char: Oh, it was me!!!! hehehehehe

So there you have, my random ramblings for this Thursday morning. I need a workout.

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Amy Dannwolf said...

I'm so glad you'll be there!

PS - Charlotte is hilarious! I'm cracking up!