Monday, August 10, 2009

What A Weekend

The family did its best to wear ourselves out this weekend! We started Friday night by heading to Boulder Creek to play and picnic with PIC's family and new friends H&B. I don't think I have been tubing in the Creek, well, since college. And though we were a bit tentative at first, it was a blast!! Charlotte sat on my lap and giggled the whole way down even after getting dumped. Isabelle was a wee bit frightened after she went under and decided not to go for round 2. I tried to lose my favorite crocs (x2) but they were rescued. I even got a bit of rock rash on my bum! We all ate, talked, and watched the kids play and the sun set. It was a beautiful evening!

Charlotte is always game for more fun. I may or may not have been dumped off my tube....but there is no photographic evidence!

Michael crossing the creek

My sister's wedding reception was Saturday night (yep, the wedding was in June in Hawaii with just the family). I had so much fun seeing old family friends and catching up with high school friends too. It is so cool to see time pass with these people, I've known them for practically my entire life and they are always around for the milestones. My girls behaved beautifully even though there were no other kids around and we loved meeting Nicole and John's friends.

All dressed up and yes, I am wrestling Iz

Friends and family

Newlyweds Nicole and John

Ummm, table 7 was clearly the place to be

My parents

Isabelle and Mary having a deep conversation

Charlotte and her new favorite "toy" - a Blackberry

As we drove home, we saw a fireworks display and stopped at the side of the road to watch. Nice evening topper!

On Sunday, Michael left the house early to ride Highgrade and the girls and I made breakfast and watched a movie. Very relaxing. OK, it was too relaxing. I needed to get my workout done but needed a bit of help getting out the door. Michael packed up the kids and I packed up my bike and we headed back to Chatfield. I got my ride done and the family played at the "beach" for awhile. A stop at Dairy Queen on the way home and a bbq on the deck wrapped up our fabulous weekend.

No wonder we all went to bed at 8. Phew!!

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