Tuesday, September 8, 2009


G'day from Australia!! My mom and I found a $2 high speed internet cafe on our way to the grocery store so we splurged and I get to post a quick update!

We made it here without too much trouble although the Sydney Airport has an extra carseat in its baggage somewhere. The kiddos held up better than I could have hoped on the LONG flight over and we finally made it to the Gold Coast some 20+ hours after leaving Denver. We never experienced Sunday. Jet lag was at its finest on Monday night though and we managed to stay awake until 8.....morning has come early for me at around 4:45!!! At least I am not too used to sleeping in.

Sonja and I rode our bikes on Monday afternoon and the most important thing to remember here in Australia.....when in doubt STAY LEFT!!! It has been interestng to get used to being buzzed by cars on the right side. It is now Wednesday and we haven't gotten ourselves killed yet so that in my opinion is success.

This place is teeming with triathletes! Teams of very fit-looking people are riding there bikes, running along the ocean and this morning at the pool, swimming....we are trying to not gawk at all the fast looking people but it is truly impressive.

Yesterday we had a bit of fun....the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary with the family and Sonja's family. Iz, Char, and I got to cuddle a koala!! It was unbelieveable. At that point I thought I wanted another baby and quickly realized that no, what I really want is a KOALA baby!! SOooo cute! Great pictures will be posted in a couple of weeks. After the koalas, we visited the kangaroos and fed them. Saw many mamas with their joeys in pouches and I was even accosted by a "friendly" teenage boy 'roo who thought I had more food for him. Priceless.

Today we will have more quality beach time and then I go into athlete-mode tomorrow. Team USA run in the morning, a tour of the bike course, Team USA picture and then the opening ceremonies where we will march in our uniform in the athlete parade!!

That's it for now. Will post again next time I grocery shop:)

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