Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Worlds Race Photos

As promised, here are a few of my favorite race photos from Worlds. Thank you thank you to PIC's dad Eric Willis for hanging out photographing all the action that day. If we are elite age group triathletes, then Eric is an elite age group photographer!! These are all of his photos.

Transition. We ran over that bridge out of T2.

Me at the swim start. Sure they all look like nice women.

Just don't get in their way!

I'm on the right being overtaken by a pack of women. Oh, right. There wasn't any drafting....

Run Ford Run!

Running it in

Me and PIC post race. Yep, that's my dad in the background.

Sonja, me and Beth goofing off after the race

Of course, the butt shot!


swimpinkhank said...

MY Ford is going to love these pics, Michelle! :-)
He wore a "Run, Ford, Run" singlet in the NYC Marathon.

Michelle said...

I need that singlet for the Phoenix Marathon in January!!