Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Favorite Things

It's Christmas-time, one of my favorite times of the year.  Time for inspirational stories, time for tears, time for hope.  And yes, time to look at your fears.  Oh, I'm actually not talking about Christmas or the holiday season.  That's right folks, the holiday season signals for me the annual Ironman viewing.  I look forward to it every December.  Why?  I do love the stories, the sacrifices the athletes make.  The question of who bonks this year?  Who races smart and fuels well?  Who perserveres and who doesn't?  Who goes to the med tent and who eats a burger? And, who becomes an Ironman at 16:59:59???  Just check this out....

Ironman Promo Video

And as I look at my own attempt at an Ironman in November 2010, I wonder, how will I do?  Will I overcome the physical and the mental challenges?  I have wanted to do an Ironman probably from about the first time I started training for triathlon.  But due to work and family circumstances it was not a reality for me to train for.  Since that has changed for me, I will start my Ironman journey next year!

As I sit on my couch on Sunday (or actually on my trainer) and watch the show (don't worry it'll also be on the DVR so that I can watch it again and again and again), I'll be thinking about Arizona.  I will also be dreaming of Kona.  I'm gonna put this out there......I want to go to Kona.  And compete.  I want to experience a swim in the waters off of Dig Me Beach.  I want to ride in the hellacious/infamous Kona crosswinds on the Queen K.  And, I want to run to the Energy Lab and back.  It won't be this year (unless I am providing expert sherpa support), it may or may not be next year.  But I will get there.

Aloha and Happy Viewing!

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