Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dig Deep

The other day I was putting my shoes on for a nice little treadmill run.  In fact, I was putting on the shoes I am planning on wearing for the Rock 'n Roll Arizona marathon on Sunday, my favs the Brooks Launch.  All of a sudden, I saw writing on the end of one of the said DEEP.  Wha?  Then I looked at the end of the other shoelace.....the writing was DIG.  Huh.  Deep dig.  ?  And then I figured it out.  DIG.  DEEP.  On my shoelaces of my marathon shoes.  Coincidence?  I think not!!!  Not to mention, how friggin' cool??!!!

I will remember Dig Deep at mile 22 on Sunday.  Or maybe it will be mile 18, or 6 or 25.  But I will remember Dig Deep.  The first marathon I did was back in 2007.  A miserable day in Denver, 35 degrees and misting out.  But I had a fabulous day.  Paced it perfectly and finished in 4:19, my goal had been 4:30.  Did I Dig Deep that day?  Yes, kind of, well maybe not really......I never hit a wall.  I never wanted to quit.  I was smiling at mile 22 because I only had 4 miles left.  Did I enter the hurt locker?  I think I opened the door and put a toe in.  But I never entered it, shut the door, and threw away the key.  I do remember at the finish, crossing the line and immediately shivering and not being able to walk.  It was an amazing experience.  I loved it and couldn't wait to do another one.

I also remember my first half marathon in 2008.  It was awesome and I had a fabulous experience.  Did I enter the hurt locker?  Ummmm, maybe a little bit.  Had gas in the engine the last mile and finished it up with a smile on my face.  This past year I have tried something different, looking at the hurt locker and saying....Bring It.  The place where you need the reminder on your shoe laces with the words Dig Deep.  You know the feeling, when you finish and people ask if you are OK because at that moment you might not look so good!!  You may look like you're gonna hurl, or pass out, or cry.  But to know you've given it your all that day, you need to open the door.  Put a foot in.  Then the other foot, heck go ahead and close the door of the hurt locker. I visited the locker at Clearwater on the run.  I definitely entered the hurt locker at the half marathon in October.  And at the Boulder Peak the hurt locker = med tent.

But I'm ready.  A marathon in the morning, the weather will be beautiful.  I even did something uncharacteristic this morning, I changed corrals...moved myself up one.  Into a faster group.  I have a pace plan.  I have a nutrition plan.  I now have shorts that are not too short (I decided this morning the shorts I brought will NOT do).  I have cheerleaders.  I even have shoes that say Dig Deep.  And by tomorrow afternoon I will have 26.2 miles under my belt. 

Race report Monday! 


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to se how it goes! I hope you have a wonderful race and give it all you've got. :) I know you will! Good luck!

chrisrivers said...

love the 'Dig Deep" picture you got on your shoes... What a great mental reminder. Good luck on your run tomorrow, i know you'll do great ;)

Ben S said...

Have a great time! - one can learn a lot about themselves while exploring the hurt locker; or pain cave as I've called it. Nice thing is, the more you explore it, the better the endorphins are at the end!