Tuesday, January 5, 2010

In Other News

My training as of late (mainly the last month) has been going great.  I have essentially been freed of a "set" schedule, and although a bit scary at first as far as the "what should I do" questions, I have essentially just done what makes sense (to me) for that day.  And that has meant a decent amount of running in preparation for RNR Arizona a mere 12 !!!! days away.  Some swimming here and there, some weight/core training there and here, and run run run.  The weather has somewhat cooperated but right now I feel pretty comfy running on snow and ice, with or without Yaktrax.  Yea, I know, those skills won't help me in AZ.

But after Sunday's run session (a mere 12 miles mind you), my shoulder seized up.  Shoulder injury from running?  I know, it doesn't make sense to me either.  It's one of those limit your movements to either side type of things......hard to look over your shoulder to change a lane while driving things.......no sudden, twisting movements things.  An injury from running?  I would expect that to happen hip level and lower!!  But alas, no.  So now I have to lay off swimming too.  GRRRRRRRR.  No worries though, should only be for another day or 2.  Or 3.  To top it off, my carrier monkeys (kids) decided to give me a cold for the New Year too!  A little tickle in the nose and throat this morning.....but no worries, I'm fighting it with all I've got!  I dare you to take me down silly cold!  (no actually just kidding silly cold, I completely respect your power and will abide by the law of cold for next few days.....please please please don't take me down).

So here I sit, thinking of things to do since I won't swimbikerun today.  Hmmmm, clean out closet?  Write endless amount of blog posts?  Tweet till my phone dies?  Stalk my Facebook friends?  Write schedules?  Budget?  Christmas returns?  Clean house?  Boyohboy the possibilities are endless!

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