Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Thoughts

I suppose I'll give into my steadfast objection for doing the reflection of 2009 post and the things to look forward to in 2010 post.  I've always done a personal reflection and thoughts about the new year, but I usually keep them to myself and share with my hubby.  But for some reason I feel compelled to share a few thoughts.  So here they are in no particular order:

getting "let go" sucks.
getting "let go" was awesome.
choosing a new life path has been scary at times but is exciting too.
racing in 2009...lot's of great times with friends in Vegas, Grand Canyon, Tuscaloosa, Australia and Clearwater.
training in 2009 was about pushing the limits, exploring "overtrained", laughing uncontrollably on many runs and rides, interesting conversations on Deer Creek...
family in 2009 was about watching my hubby complete his first Oly distance tri and observing and guiding my girls to grow into beautiful creatures.
watching my sister's wedding in Hawaii was beautiful and I'm so glad me and the girls were there to see it but so sorry that hubby was not.
rebuilding my relationship with my sister has been tough but the rewards are very fulfilling
podium finish at USAT Nationals.  That was awesome.
living out a lifelong dream of traveling to Australia was amazing, who knew that triathlon would lead me there?
having my family with me in Australia was wonderful especially having my parents watch me race for the first time.
having more time to spend with my family is priceless.
watching my almost 12-year-old doggie Primo decline with age has been sad, don't know how much longer we have with him.
letting go of my coach of almost 3 years was a difficult decision but incredibly freeing when I finally did it.

And for 2010?
it's true, I'm gonna clean my closet (I still have my work clothes and heels in there and need more room for my 10 pairs of running shoes, yak trax, and workout clothes)
budget budget budget
I will log all of my workouts so that I know exactly what I have done, how many hours I have put in
I will follow a plan, a detailed plan to be put together by a new coach
so excited to see what said new coach has in store for me (!!!!!!)
qualify for Boston marathon
continue to nurture and love my family
continue to build my coaching business
support my husband as he decides to race more this year
Worlds Budapest
ironman arizona
represent my sponsors the best I can
love and support my incredible friend network

I could go on, but I think that's a pretty good summary.  2009 was a year of change, discovery and growth.

2010 will be a fabulous year!


Megan L. Killian said...

See you at Knoxville!!

Chrisrivers said...

qualifying for Boston... Now that is a great goal!