Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I hate colds.  I hate feeling less than ok.  And I really hate sinus infections.  Grrrrrr.  Especially because it has sidelined me from my first official coached week!  I was (and still am) sooooo excited to have an official schedule again after being on my own for the last several months.  Not that I was doing a bad job coaching myself, I just know that I need someone to tell me what to do or more importantly, tell me what not to do.

I went to the doctor yesterday for a completely different reason than what I left with.  WTF?  What I thought was a simple head-cold (that I only came down with on Sunday) had turned into a sinus infection by Tuesday.  WTF?  Clearly I am prone to sinus infections and I know this.  But I also know what I am supposed to do to prevent them when I have a cold.  Immediately start taking a decongestant (which I dislike because medicine makes me feel to funky but I do it anyway), nasal flushing, steam, fluids, and of course, the new ph tea courtesy of the new coach.  (btw, it's a new relationship and I'm just not willing to talk much about  But if you're curious, check out this PIC post)  I was on full sinus infection prevention defense!!!  

The score as of this morning if you're curious:
Sinuses = 5
Michelle's sinus infection fighting tactics = 0 

The sinuses were too much this time.  Oh, I'll get you next time just watch me!  Anywho, antibiotics have derailed the first week's plan and to be quite frank I am disappointed.  It's like getting ready to go back to school (I liked school so I was always excited to go back), having your backpack on and missing the damn bus.  And knowing you just can't get there today.  Or tomorrow.  Or probably even the next day. I know, I'm sick and I need to take care of myself.  But it was my first official week and I have been looking forward to this week, this start for the past month!

I'm trying not to whine.  I'm also going to try to get PIC to come over and make bagels with me.  That might make me feel better.  But truth be told, I'm in a pretty pissy mood.  Grrrrrr.  So here I sit, in front of the computer, drinking tea, taking meds, blowing my nose, and washing my hands.  And taking hot showers to steam all that crap out of my head.

Good news?  The antibiotics have kicked in, I just know it!  The dull pounding in my head is getting a teensy bit better.   And I will try to even up the score.  Coming at ya sinuses!!  


goSonja said...

Ohhhh, pic, I will come make bagels with you!

Tyler Walton said...

Is this not the person I talked to yesterday doing 2.5 on the trainer. A few days before that talking about the green bucket and so on?

Ben S said...

I completely feel your pain!
Hit Hill up for the contact info for our acupuncturist. I had chronic sinusitis (low level at all times, major flare up for 2-3weeks every 2-3months) for 15+ years that no doc could get rid of. Was using all kinds of decongestants, sprays (including prescription steroid sprays), and was considering surgery. Our acupuncturist got rid of it in a couple months and it has yet to come back in the last 2 years.
If you are like me at all - milk and caffeine need to be cut way back on if not cut out as soon as it feels like one may be coming on and continue to do so until its all gone.

Hope you get feeling better soon!

Evan said...

Hi Michelle, to follow up on the comment you left on my blog, I'd love to get together so you can take a look at my stroke. Do you swim at DU often? I've been swimming with the masters group there for a few weeks, albeit down in the slow lane. Anyhow, you can reach me via email at

Have a great day,